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Some videos on YouTube are able to get millions of views because of who the uploader is, such as a song by Justin Bieber, or a video uploaded by VeVo or something similar to that, however, you can also get thousands and millions of views on your videos if you buy YouTube views. Since most people aren’t too familiar with buying YouTube Views, it is basically a process where you pay someone who is able to generate YouTube views for you through a number of different outlets. The important thing to remember is to ask a YouTube views vendor where most of the traffic will be coming from if you are going to try to get a high number of “likes” for your video. If you are only concerned about getting a high number of views, then it doesn’t really matter where the traffic is coming from, as they will all register as having seen the video.
Finding a trusted vendor for inflating YouTube views is no easy task, there seem to be several sites and people on the internet where you can get YouTube views, which on the surface is a great thing. However, since there is such a large market for YouTube views, you have to be careful in how you approach buying the views. You should find someone who can drip the views over a period of time, since sending tens of thousands of views all at once will probably set off a red flag for YouTube, and if they don’t immediately ban you or take your video offline, they may just make it so that your view count doesn’t increase. By sending all of your views within hours and day, and not minutes, it will appear as though your video has gone viral, thus putting you on some of the honors page on YouTube, where even more people will see it.
Getting your video up on the honors page is easily doable if you purchase YouTube views. However, you have to know how to buy YouTube views, and once you have found a vendor, you need to decide how best to use the views. It is hard to go wrong by purchasing a lot of YouTube views all at once, usually the vendor’s biggest package. This can be anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 views depending on what they offer, and will cost a decent amount of money, but that money can be made up through increased traffic to your business or your website as a consequence of your decision to buy the YouTube views.
Can you buy YouTube views? Yes, you can without much of a problem, but you should be asking if you should get more YouTube views in this way. If you are trying to cause a video to go viral on YouTube, and the internet in general, then you do have to have a good video first. Something that most people aren’t going to find very funny or amusing, or doesn’t elicit much of a response out of anybody, isn’t going to go viral no matter how many bought YouTube views you throw it at. If you do have a video that you and most of your friends think is funny or shocking, and it is original, then you may have a shot at it going viral. You can definitely try to jump start it by purchasing YouTube views, and if it does end up featured on the site, you will potentially have a gold mine on your hands.
Since your goal by buying YouTube views is to vastly increase the number of views your video has, it might not be a bad idea to buy more than one package, seeing as it will bothincrease your YouTube views, but also allow them to be spread out over a longer period of time, and probably will get you some views from outside the geographical area of the first package. This will help your total views number by exposing more people to your video, who may end up subscribing and having their friends see your video in their subscription list, and since most people are friends with people from around them, you add a few more areas in the nation and in the world where people have seen your video, and can potentially be exposed to it.
Unless you are just trying to artificially inflate your YouTube views so that people in your general area will look at the video your business made and comment on it, then your primary goal is to get the video to go viral. The first reason about having a ridiculous number of views for a small business is a pretty good idea if you have a very regionalized market and want people to say something to the effect of “Did you see that video about Joe’s Tire Mart on YouTube? It has 200k hits and it has only been up a few days”. This will help your word-of-mouth advertising quite a bit, and the comment about the video views may pop back into their head when they are deciding where to get their tires changed next time. Viral videos though are what most websites want, since they need hundreds or thousands of views per day, and they can easily take visitors from across the world and either get them to click ads or purchase products.
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Kudos! What a neat way of thniikng about it.
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